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 Awesome GTi Rolling Road Day-Irlam, Manchester-21st March 09

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PostSubject: Awesome GTi Rolling Road Day-Irlam, Manchester-21st March 09   Thu Nov 06, 2008 11:25 am

Awesome GTi - Irlam, Manchester

Measures up to 1000hp and 200mph
Air Actuated Brake System
Automatic Conditions Measurement (absolute pressure, air temp, etc.)
Plots Power, Torque and Air Fuel Ratio all on one graph

I thought Id invite you guys to the Rolling Road day Im organising! Smile

The very most they can do in a day is 25 cars so its first come first served type basis guys and girls!

"First come First served"

This is open to everyone, whether standard or modified.

As long as we get 15 or more cars, The prices will be:
Fwd + Rwd Cars - 35.00 inc VAT
4wd/AWD Cars - 45.00 inc Vat

With this, Each car will get Three runs on our rolling road, and a
Printed graph to show what their car put out.

The event is booked for the 21st March 09, so you have plenty of time and effort to get your car sorted.

1. Nicola - (New Car) - March
2. Rodderz - 1.6 Si Fiesta - March
3. Jess - (New Car) - March
4. ben - DC2R - whenever just let me know
5. Haze - Civic probabaly, whenever is good
6. Andyracer - Whatever car he has at the time
7. AzRs - Scooby (4wd) - whenever
8. Dyla - Clio
9. Bromy - Supra (Date dependent)
10. Graham - Skyline
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Awesome GTi Rolling Road Day-Irlam, Manchester-21st March 09
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