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PostSubject: AMP WIRING DIAGRAM   Thu Jun 05, 2008 4:23 pm

This diagram shows the 3 terminals your wiring kit will be fitted to (please note on a none built in amp kit your also have speaker terminals)

When choosing a wiring kit make sure it is a higher rating than the max power of the amp your going to run
Also it might be worth while buying a higher rated kit as this means if you ever upgrade to more powerful setup the existing kit will do the job
When installing make sure all wires are secure and placed no where dangerous or where the wire might be damaged

RED WIRE = 12v Power Cable = From battery positive terminal to the amp power/ positive terminal ( fuse end should be closet to battery as possible)
BLACK WIRE = Ground / Earth =Needs grounding (earthing to a good earth point in boot) then connect the other end to negative or earth terminal on the amp
BLUE WIRE = Remote Cable = Remote lead needs one end fitting to the remaining terminal on the amp. This is normally labeled the b+ terminal on the amp then this lead needs connecting to your head unit (your looking for normally a blue or blue and white wire normally either be labeled amp remote or electric aerial

RCA Leads = One end needs connecting to the headunit rca outs and other end to the amps

You next need to wire the amp to speakers/sub. This varies depending on what amp and what your wiring up. Your speakers/ sub and amp should have come with instructions how to wire this next part up

Finally you should be all set. All that should be left to do is to test it all works, adjust settings on amp and headunit and then just tidy and secure wires safely

Please note this only a rough guide and on some kits the wiring colours alter. However most good kits come with full instructions. If your still unsure what your doing please ask a professional

*Thank the good lord for COPY & PASTE * Laughing
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