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 England Vs Ireland 2009* - 24th-27th April 09

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England Vs Ireland 2009* - 24th-27th April 09 Empty
PostSubject: England Vs Ireland 2009* - 24th-27th April 09   England Vs Ireland 2009* - 24th-27th April 09 EmptyTue Dec 02, 2008 9:48 pm

England Vs Ireland 2009* - 24th-27th April 09

Ok. Copy & Paste below if you would like to invite any other club.

Right we (KNW) have decided to organize a road trip to Ireland in the new year to see there cruise scene and car show etc.

Well I thought It would be nice, to invite you guys if you fancy heading away next year and join us.

England Vs Ireland 2009 -
You don't have to register to the forum to see the info either. If you fancy joining us then that's not a problem the more the merrier!

If you have always wondered what the cruise/car scene is like in Ireland, well this is your chance. Irish scene is allot more intense than ours! Its not like convoying to a cruise that takes your 2 hours to get there and all you see is cars and no action, trust me the Irish cruises are insane, drifting, burnouts, lots of cars and happy people.

Your all more than welcome to come.
Get yourself involved in the England Vs Ireland madness in the new year!

Road trip, consists of Convoying over, Ferry, Hotels, Meals, Cruising, Photo Shoots, Car show dependant upon chosen dates, exploring the Wicklow area, Meet up with other Clubs in Ireland, Nightlife (Get drunk drunk!)
So if you feel like your up for it, get in touch, should be a right bloody laugh! Its looking around 230 for ferry, room for 3 nights and fuel split between to people, but the more people you bring the cheaper it will be )
Visit the forum for all the info and dates etc, you don't have to register to see!!

Fast Car mag will be confirming soon whether they can make it or not and Nicola has got in contact with various other people in media and magazines including Mod Ball .

Please see the forum for all the info.

DATES - Friday 24th - Monday 27th April 2009
LOCATION - Wicklow, Ireland.
TIMES - To be agreed with!

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England Vs Ireland 2009* - 24th-27th April 09
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